Declan McKenna: A young man with guitar and something to say

Sun, Jul 16, 2017, 14:58


What Do You Think About The Car

Declan McKenna



As young men with acoustic guitars dominate the charts with inoffensive love songs nowadays, 18-year-old Declan McKenna has more to say on his debut album What Do You Think About The Car. The British singer offers intrepid social commentary while sounding like a fusion of Arctic Monkeys and Pulp. Criticising Fifa power and corruption around the Brazil World Cup, challenging the hypocrisy of Fox News presenters on Isombard, and illustrating the misrepresentation of LGBT teens in the media on Paracetamol, he doesn’t shy away from speaking out. Produced by James Ford, who has previously worked with Arctic Monkeys, Klaxons, Foals and Florence & The Machine, What Do You Think About The Car serves up smart, sweet-sounding indie pop music that comes with a well-justified sting.