David Bowie: The Next Day Extra

Fri, Nov 15, 2013, 00:00


The Next Day Extra

David Bowie

ISO Records/Columbia


Less than a year after the surprise release of new material (following a 10-year hiatus), David Bowie is back where he was before the kerfuffle: hiding from the spotlight. The Next Day Extra is an official Christmas pressie for Bowie fans: the original album is augmented here with a DVD (including four music videos) and a 10-track CD featuring new remixes and brand new songs. Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix), by former LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, is a superb enhancement of one of the album’s highlights, memory-tweaked with Ashes to Ashes. The new songs are mostly excellent, particularly Like a Rocket Man and Born in a UFO, both of which could, with judicious use of your iPod, replace two of the original album’s weaker tracks. Bowie – the gift who keeps on giving. Who’d have thought it this time last year? davidbowie.com
Download: Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix) by James Murphy, Like a Rocket Man