Crayonsmith: Milk Teeth

Fri, Nov 1, 2013, 00:00


Milk Teeth


Out on a Limb


It has been five years since Ciarán Smith, the Dubliner behind Crayonsmith, released his brilliant electro-indie record White Wonder. Things have changed since then; Smith has done away with the electronics and samples and it sounds like he’s been through the emotional wringer, too.

Although Milk Teeth is a predominantly downbeat third album, with songs such as Let’s Split Up, and the autobiographical awkwardness of Sideways , it is far from depressing.

Smith’s lyrical introspection is balanced by a slightly ramshackle indiepop soundtrack that slouches and shimmers with the gleeful frisk of off-kilter rhythms, plucked guitar loops and the subdued zoom of synths. Combined, it makes for a record that examines the ordeals of adulthood with a childlike, scruffy charm.
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