Christine and the Queens – Chaleur Humaine: debut album has colour, panache and verve

Chaleur Humaine
    
Artist: Christine & The Queens
Genre: Pop
Label: Because

As Héloïse Letissier knows, pop can delve deep and spread wide. The newly released “international version” (ie she’s singing in English) of her 2014 debut album forfeits none of the colour, panache or verve of the original, with which the former drama student has wowed audiences worldwide.

Live, Letissier can use her theatrical poise to embellish these songs (especially an alter-ego inspired by drag queen associates of old), but they’re wonderfully bright and infectious in the studio setting too.

Her producer, Ash Workman, knows what works for Letissier in terms of beats and sounds and she vamps and scats on clarion calls to be yourself such as Tilted and iT. Perfume Genius joins the show for a gloriously tender Jonathan while Tunji Ige gives No Harm Is Done a more considered veneer.