Chrissie Hynde: Stockholm

Fri, Jun 6, 2014, 00:00



Chrissie Hynde

Caroline Records


“It’s never too late for new beginnings” is presumably what 62-year-old Chrissie Hynde had in mind when she decided to release her solo debut. The Pretenders frontwoman embarks on a new chapter of her career with Björn Yttling (of Peter, Björn and John) at the helm. In truth, a more daring producer might have made a zestier album; too much of Stockholm plays it safe with smooth midtempo pop-rock tunes that lack snarl and bite. You’re the One mixes it up with a refreshing change of pace and instrumentation, while the sultry vocal and skitterish contemporary beat of House of Cards hints at what could have been if only the envelope had been pushed. This nice collection will sate Pretenders enthusiasts, even if it doesn’t win Hynde any new fans.

Download: You’re the One, House of Cards