Chequerboard: The Unfolding

Fri, Sep 27, 2013, 00:00


The Unfolding


Lazybird Records


Five years have passed since Chequerboard’s last album (Penny Black), and as the title of this new work alludes, matters have progressed at a slow and subtle pace. Dublin-based musician John Lambert (aka Chequerboard) certainly isn’t the kind of guy to rush into a decision, is he?. Penny Black used attentive guitar and sublime washes of melody; The Unfolding is even more tranquil. Calling it minimalistic might turn off those who prefer grit in their music. Throughout the album (which is underpinned by varying if muted tones of loss, resignation, reconciliation and discovery) there is a broader sonic sensibility via empathetic musicians, cellists Kate Ellis and Kevin Murphy, and vocal murmurs from Eileen Carpio. The pitch? If you’re looking for truly beautiful music that is the perfect soundtrack to a slo-mo sunrise, you’ll find it here.
Download: Opening the Gates, Obelisk, Today Is Beautiful, We Have Things to Do