Brendan Tiernan: Weaver

Fri, Mar 28, 2014, 00:00



Brendan Tiernan


Singer / Songwriter

Let’s have a shout-out for those under-the-radar music acts who go about their business in a quiet, civilised way. They neither boast about their talents nor pitch their wares, but rather present the music in a here-it-is-hope-you-like-it fashion. It’s telling that so many artists don’t bother with the narcissism of flagrant self-promotion. Irish singer-songwriter Brendan Tiernan is one such musician, yet his debut album reveals songwriting skills that better-known performers would sell their plectrums for. With the exception of the overlong, slightly self-indulgent Waiting for the Lark/Music Is Math, Weaver is an assured treat. Like Ether Song, Big Blue Sky, Stations of the Cross, Storm, Sunspots, the title track and The River Mile evoke the likes of Beck at his most hazy. Tiernan plays a Dublin show on April 7th; see next week’s Ticket listings for details.

Download: Like Ether Song, Stations of the Cross, Sunspots