Big Ups: Eighteen Hours of Static

Fri, Mar 14, 2014, 00:00


Eighteen Hours of Static

Big Ups

Tough Love


Give Big Ups half an hour and they’ll give you a vivid close-up of their world. The sound of a Brooklyn dive bar coming apart at the seams at full throttle, Eighteen Hours of Static works up a magnificently scuzzy and vital head of steam. Big Ups are a truly visceral live act, but they can also put their hardcore rage, heavy-duty punk snarls, taut basslines and grungy frustrations to work on record. Little Kid, Justice and especially the tense, vicious, cagey, menacing Body Parts are full of angsty mantras, edgy atmospherics and hugely compelling explosions of energy. Battered, ripped and occasionally ragged, Eighteen Hours of Static is nothing you haven’t already experienced before, but its mess of sublime noise is infectious, life-affirming and quite mesmerising. Your favourite misunderstood brat’s favourite new band.
Download: Body Parts, Little Kid, Justice