Autre Ne Veut: Anxiety

Fri, Apr 5, 2013, 09:37



Autre Ne Veut



H H H H It’s not always about being first. Arthur Ashin was blending r’n’b with lo-fi indie long before it was popular or profitable. Three years on from his debut, and with acts such as The Weekend pushing their way into the frame, Ashin’s newbie is both on the money and a huge leap forward. What’s immediately apparent about Anxiety is not just how Ashin uses his master’s degree in psychology to salt and pepper the lyrics, but how he works alluring new hues into the musical colours. The smooth tones, wispy slow-set fringes and euphoric peaks make for an exciting, alluring, downright magnificent album. Ashin’s other trump card is a delicate, rawly emotional voice, which adds frisson and excitement to Counting , Ego Free Sex Free and A Lie . Fans of pop that soars to the skies and beyond will have a whale of time with this.
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