April Verch: The Newpart | Album Review

The Newpart
    
Artist: April Verch
Genre: Country
Label: Slab Town Records

If you chance upon a fiddle-carrying Canadian with a pair of flying feet in the coming weeks don’t be alarmed.

It’s just April Verch and her two string band sidekicks making their way around Ireland following the release of her 10th album.

The set is as engaging as the story behind its name. In the late 1970s her parents added to their converted Ontario schoolhouse home and called it the Newpart. It would become the site of many sessions rich in music and memory.

This theme of small history informs the album as Verch leans heavily on old country and vaudeville tunes and songs. The lively opener Belle Election is a strong example as is It Don't Do Nothing But Rain. Verch has a light, sweet, reedy voice that exudes personality.

Her playing is equally expressive and her step-dancing adds a dash of rhythm and drama.