Annie Hart – A sweet and tender creation

Thu, Jul 27, 2017, 07:45


Impossible Accomplice

Annie Hart

Cryptic Whispers


Annie Hart’s debut solo effort, away from her ethereal Au Revoir Simone bandmates, is a typically delicate affair. Impossible Accomplice doesn’t stray too far from the dreamy-psych template the band have weaved throughout their career. It’s an album bursting full of longing, unexpressed romantic whispers meant for moments under the covers with the kind of gauzy melodies that would perfectly soundtrack a Sofia Coppola movie. The feathery lightness of her voice aches with a deep tenderness on the gentle, almost Go-Gos style bop Run To You and the bewitching Hard to Be Still (which features in the new Netflix drama Gypsy). Although sweet, it manages to eschew complete twee-ness. As with Au Revoir Simone, there are moments of creeping darkness as the haunting vintage synths, throbbing and looping throughout, fill it with a beguiling nocturnal sadness that belies its apparent candyfloss softness.