Anna Meredith: Anno – a vivid reimagining of Vivaldi

Fri, Aug 17, 2018, 04:00



Anna Meredith

Moshi Moshi


Best known for her breakthrough piece Nautilus from her 2016 debut album, Varmints, Anna Meredith is a London-born and Edinburgh-bred classical and electronic musician and former composer-in-residence for the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

For Anno, she embarks on the ultimate classical fusion odyssey; combining her own original pieces with the Scottish Ensemble performing Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. The project began life as an immersive performance at the Spitalfields music festival in 2016, but also works exceedingly well as a standalone piece in its own right, reworking and reimagining Vivaldi’s original concertos for the 21st century.

The studio process used a binaural recording head, which is designed to reveal the spatial components of the music when listened to on headphones. While all this sounds like an audiophile’s dream gone mad, the results are quite simply exquisite, confirming Meredith as one of the most interesting young pioneers in the increasingly intertwined worlds of classical and electronica.

The Scottish composer certainly isn’t sitting still, and debuted yet another piece at the current Proms entitled Five Telegrams, about the first World War, making it the first virtual reality Proms.

Goodness knows what her next chapter will be.