Anna Calvi: One Breath

Fri, Oct 4, 2013, 00:00


One Breath

Anna Calvi



Described by Brian Eno as “the biggest thing since Patti Smith” and addled with bounteous comparisons to PJ Harvey, Anna Calvi does have her work cut out for her. But the Londoner makes certain to brand her own style across her second album. The tumultuous rock of Eliza, the intimate, woozy throb of One Breath, and the primal bluster of Tristan are distinctive yet complementary. Still, it is Piece by Piece that best sums up Calvi’s appeal. Tiptoeing through verses of whispered choruses and swaddled drums, she unleashes an abrasive scramble of atonal guitar and noisy keyboards at the song’s most vulnerable points. It confirms that you never quite know what’s coming next with Calvi, be it ghostly hymnal passages, cinematic strings or buzzing rock’n’roll – but the anticipation is both delicious and satisfying.
Download: Piece by Piece, Sing to Me