For the Ghosts Within Domino****

Robert Wyatt’s career has seen him take some glorious twists and turns through the years as he’s roamed through prog-rock, jazz and experimental pastures. This time out, collaborating with saxaphonist Gilad Atzom, violinist Ros Stephen and the Sigamos String Quartet, Wyatt works his way through a clatter of weatherbeaten standards from the classic songbook and a handful of originals. There’s both grace and playful intent in Round Midnight, In a Sentimental Moodand What a Wonderful World, with that unique, fragile voice playing splendidly against the sweeping strings and sweet sax lines. Add in some Palestinian rapping, a version of Chic’s At Last I Am Free, and stirring originals such as the gorgeous Lullabyfor Irenaand the title track, and you’ve another Wyatt album to make you cheer his consistent high standards. See domino recordco.com

Download tracks: Lullaby for Irena, The Ghosts Within, What A Wonderful World