Harmony, Melody & Style: Lovers Rock and Rare Groove in the UK 1975-92Soul Jazz ****

Lovers rock has long been airbrushed out of UK pop’s history. A sassy mix of American soul and Jamaican rhythm delivered by British youths, it provided one three-hanky drama after another at a time when the UK streets were ablaze with riots. Soul Jazz’s customarily flawless curation throws up some fascinating links between the sound of then and the poppy r’n’b drift of now. When you hear Louisa Marks spilling her heart out on Caught You In A Lie, for example, you could picture one of today’s r’n’b queenpins projecting the same emotions. Few will remain unmoved by the soulful power and panache of Janet Kay’s Feel No Way, Paulette Tajah’s Stop Look Listen or The Cool Notes’ take on The Stylistics’ People Make the World Go Round.

Download tracks:Caught You in a Lie, Feel No Way, Stop Look Listen