The Staves


Dead & Born & GrownWarners ****

There’s a lot to be said for music that just makes you feel, well, warm inside – if it’s imbued with a sense of authority and the absolute avoidance of insincerity. The Staves are Watford sisters Camilla, Emily and Jessica Stavely-Taylor, so the English roses comparison kinda holds up. But there are strategically placed thorns on the stems of their debut album, as proven by lyrics such as “fare thee well, I don’t give a fuck anymore” (Pay Us No Mind).

It’s this blend of classic folk/Americana hues (reminiscent of the Laurel Canyon era, with a side order of UK folk stalwarts such as Martin Carthy) and the contemporary worldview of young women that draw comparisons with the likes of Laura Marling. Not that it means much here. The Staves are their own bosses, singular, beguiling, the aural equivalent of a hot water bottle on a cold winter’s night.

Download tracks:Mexico, Pay Us No Mind, Tongue Behind My Teeth