The Plea


The Dreamer’s StadiumPlanet Function **

He might share a name with a famous British musician, but Denny Doherty has more in common with a singer closer to home. Doherty is frontman of Donegal band The Plea, and both his voice and the quartet’s sound draw undeniable parallels with U2. It’s no coincidence that the title of their debut references stadiums; these are big, bombastic rock songs given the spit’n’polish treatment by leading producer Chris Potter, who expertly steers his wards through both bombastic choruses (Oh Ah Yay, Glass Waltz) and softer intervals (Windchime). All the ingredients for major league success are here, and it’s easy to imagine The Plea warming up for the likes of Coldplay. Yet with 11 songs lacking any real personality or distinguishing characteristics, their proficiency as musicians means little amid the dead-eyed, arm-waving anthems.

Download tracks: Praise Be, Glass Waltz