Sunken Foal


Friday Syndrome Vol 1 Self-released***

Never mind Cadbury’s Crunchies – Dunk Murphy has gone one step further in his pursuit of “that Friday feeling”. The Dublin electronicist’s second album was written and recorded on various Fridays in 2010 and 2011. The result is mostly satisfying, despite a prevailing impression that some of these tracks are over too quickly, ending just as they find their dancing feet. In that respect, short tunes such as Gee Eyed act more as interludes between the bulkier numbers, of which the muffled boom of Drain the Dropsy, the sinister peculiarity of Tucker’s Luck and dystopian lullaby Coal Swamp Calamity are standouts. Echoes of the likes of Zomby liberally abound here, but there’s enough atmosphere and innovation to warrant a download. And did we mention it’s free?

Download tracks:Tucker’s Luck, Coal Swamp Calamity