Stevie Nicks


In Your DreamsReprise ***

After more than a decade away, the beguiling voice behind many of Fleetwood Mac’s best moments is back in the fray with a high-grade album that signifies she is still a stunning vocal presence – even if she can get herself trapped in an AOR cul-de-sac at times. There’s plenty here that is crisp and evocative – Secret Loveand For What it’s Worth(the latter being one of the best things she’s done for a while). But there’s also the odd track (such as Wide Sargasso Sea) which suggests a lot but doesn’t really go anywhere. Elsewhere, she does dig deep to come up with some great moments – Cheaper Than Free– and there’s enough here to suggest that she’s up for it again and ready to climb new heights. It would be interesting to see her take a few more risks next time out – unclutter the arrangements and stretch her voice into new shapes. See

Download tracks: Secret Love, For What It’s Worth, Cheaper Than Free