Space, Energy & Light album review: Futuristic soundscapes from out of this world

Space, Energy & Light
    
Artist: Various
Genre: Electronic
Label: Soul Jazz

Meet the space explorers who never quite got off the ground. Space, Energy & Light is a compendium of electronic music pioneers, synth scientists and new age dreamers who used their music to create futuristic soundscapes inspired by space.

With tracks from 1961 to 1988, this is a far-ranging examination of how some musicians used early music technological advances and tools to create groundbreaking work.

Previous releases like the brace of "Micrcocosm" compilations have covered similar ground, but Space, Energy & Light goes considerably beyond the cosmic, ambient, new age, chill-out, prog and whatever-you're-having-yourself confines.

You've strong artistic statements from people like Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company, the ensemble created by David Borden with the input of synth guru Bob Moog, and musique concrète composer Tod Dockstader, as well as gloriously out-there visionary work from Steven Halpern (Starborn Suite is a lush album highlight) and Stratis. Giant steps all round.