Soren Kjaergaard Ben Street/Andrew Cyrille


Femklang I L K Music****

The piano trio format continues to fascinate new generations of jazz musicians. Here the young Danish pianist Søren Kjærgaard explores territory that was first uncovered by Cecil Taylor, with a cross-generational trio featuring New York downtown bassist Ben Street and legendary free drummer and longtime Taylor associate Andrew Cyrille. But where Taylor was an extrovert, Kjærgaard evokes a gentler sound with compositions that are almost sweet. However, improvisation is very much the object of the exercise and, as on the two previous outings by this trio, the group interplay is of a very high standard. Cyrille, who represents a direct link to the earliest free jazz players, holds it all together with the lightest of touches, gently guiding the ebb and flow, orchestrating

the dynamics of the music, while Kjærgaard eschews the filigree of most modern piano players in favour of a spacious concept that treats the piano like the percussion instrument it is.