The Complete Skelocrats Popical Island ****

It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek for a band that’s barely a year old to release their “complete” works, particularly given that the entire output to date amounts to just two EPs. But that’s just the kind of band Skelocrats are. The supergroup hewn from Dublin’s Popical Island band collective are disarmingly slipshod in their approach to making music. It means that three-chord wonders such as Baby Reappraisal and Little Mo are sweetly simplistic rather than primitive, while the scuzzy, fuzzy pop clatter of Bitten by the Bug, the Zombies-style psychedelia of Beat Your Buddies, and the menacing Be My Double are highlights amid the barrage of vocal swapping and general good-natured chaos. There’s plenty of humour, as well, with lyrics such as “I hope your dogs die, your husband is gay, your kids run away”. Enough said.

Download: Be My Double, Baby Reappraisal