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GirlsAtlantic ***

Girls is the “title song” from that Lena Dunham comedy series everyone is talking about. Well, that’s what it says here. I’ve never seen the show because I don’t have the channel. Do they play this song over the opening credits? This doesn’t sound like a song you would play over the opening credits. (It’s no Where Everybody Knows Your Name, I’ll tell you that for nothing.)


Kiss YouSyco **

One Direction are surfers, skiers, sailors, jailhouse rockers and vintage car enthusiasts, according to their latest video. Yet, according to Kiss You’s lyrics, they are also available to take you any place that you like. Any day, nay indeed, any night. That is one flexible schedule these guys have.


Sugar and Spice ***

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s progeny Willow scored a worldwide hit with Whip My Hair at the tender age of nine. Scarcely two years later, she has adopted a depressing alias, sampled Radiohead and offered her fans this morose but affecting piano ballad. At this rate, by her mid teens Will will be warning kids to stay off her lawn.


Suit & TieRCA ****

Shuffle narrowly missed the scoop on David Bowie’s surprise comeback last week. I’m delighted, however, to report the only slightly less momentous return to the musical fray by distinguished thespian and former ’N Sync jazz handser Justin Timberlake. Suit Tie is the first single from his The 20/20 Experience album. Jay-Z turns up at the 3:16 mark, like Brendan Gleeson in an Irish film, because that’s just the law.


NuclearColumbia **

In the week’s second blockbuster return, Beyoncé and former bandmates Bruce Foxton and Rick Butler have reunited to enrich our lives with a Nuclear comeback single. Their new album (Love Songs) is released January 29th, with a Super Bowl half-time performance to follow five days later.