Seamus Fogarty


God Damn You MountainFence****

The most potent brews sometimes come from the most unexpected places. Seamus Fogarty may not be as heralded at home as other Irish singer-songwriters, but King Creosote and the Fence crew knew they were dealing with a rare talent when they came across the Mayo man a few years ago. God Damn You Mountain is an album on kissing terms with folk, but which takes a delirious walk on the wild side. Fogarty can write a great song, but it’s how he casually adds bracing loops, field recordings and pulses to the tracks that really elevates the album to another level. Be it the hypnotic layers which are slowly and spectacularly unspun on Rita Jack’s Lament or the majestic simplicity of Appletrees and The Undertaker’s Daughter, the ghostly emotional wallop of the tunes will take your breath away.

Download tracks:Rita Jack’s Lament, Appletrees, The Undertaker’s Daughter