Saturday Captains


Saturday Captains SC ***

It’s once more into the breach (or something like that) for Irish musicians Brendan Tallon and Barry O’Mahony. In the mid-1990s Tallon grafted in Dublin band Revelino, whose mix of surging guitars and punch-yer-face pop melodies won them a friend in John Peel. O’Mahony was in mid-1990s Dublin band Luggage, who was also liked by Peel. These bands split up, as happens, but love of music has remained, and Saturday Captains seem the kind to carry on without the attendent hang-ups and/or issues that bedevil the younger self. Tallon, for instance, apparently hasn’t lost his knack for creating memorable tunes; there’s nothing on this low-key debut that lacks for want of smarts. Indeed, the band even channels their inner Krautrock motorik spirit on the instrumental Kiss of Life. But it’s the remaining highly likeable indie-pop tunes that linger most. saturdaycaptains. com

Download tracks:No Love Stronger, The Sunset Set, Fool Then