Roedelius plays PianoBureau B ****

Hans-Joachim Roedelius is one of the most admired figures in contemporary electronic music, having been a pivotal member of German electronic groups Cluster and Harmonia. Inevitably, perhaps, he would team up with Brian Eno (on their Cluster Eno projects in the 1970s), and it is the latter that we can thank for this album, which was recorded “on a Sony professional cassette recorder” at London’s Bloomsbury Theatre in the summer of 1985. Roedelius had, by the mid-1980s, embraced the “organic” attributes of the grand piano, and with Eno’s assistance had set up a series of concerts by which to explore his new musical direction. Essentially, what we have here is a suite of delicately improvised piano pieces, built mostly around arpeggios and chords, each played with agility, a sense of pace, and a unified, ambient calm. In other words, this is really quite lovely.

Download tracks:Part 1-21