Professor Green


At Your Inconvenience Virgin***

It’s hardly surprising that Stephen Manderson (that’s Professor Green to you and me) has been compared to Mike Skinner. Once signed to Skinner’s label, the young Londoner’s take on modern urban life and strife blatantly draws parallels with The Streets, although his soundtracks are more submissive to chart guidelines. Things get more interesting when he stretches his capable faculties beyond zooming effects and big choruses with female guest vocalists. Sampling Pixies on Spinning Outis both smart and inventive, while the sluggish, demonic effects on How Many Moonsshows a willingness to experiment. The softer tones of Today I Criedand Astronautsound safe in comparison, but Manderson’s versatility and sharp turn of phrase reveals an MC who could yet make a significant album. See

Download tracks: How Many Moons, Into the Ground