Petrassi: Magnificat; Salmoix•


Sabina Cvilak (soprano), Choir and Orchestra of the Teatro Regio Torino/ Gianandrea Noseda ChandosCHAN10750****

Italian composer Goffredo Petrassi, who died 10 years ago at the age of 98, came under the spell of Stravinsky in the 1930s, the most important influences in his Psalm IX (1934-36) and Magnificat (1939-40) being Oedipus Rex and the Symphony of Psalms. There is, too, a very distinct echo of The Rite of Spring in the earlier work, with the influences being much more fully assimilated in the later piece. Petrassi’s manner is clean, forthright, forceful and dry, and the music commands attention without ever overstating its case. Gianandrea Noseda and his Turin choir and orchestra deliver taut performances that seem fully in sympathy with the composer’s intentions.