Peter Perrett – How the West Was Won album review: Stunning debut solo release

Thu, Jun 29, 2017, 07:15


How the West was Won

Peter Perrett



One of rock music’s true survivors, Peter Perrett’s former fondness for drugs makes Keith Richards look like the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Up until recently, the erstwhile lead singer of one of the UK’s most significant post-punk bands, The Only Ones, was wasting away, his system depleted by dependency of one kind or another.

Let’s put it this way – a “comeback” album was not on the cards. Lo and behold, then, the arrival of the much-belated debut solo album from 65-year-old Perrett, who – clearly seizing the moment with both hands – delivers the most gorgeous collection of songs you’ll hear this or any month.

The Only Ones’ template hasn’t been radically altered: Velvet Underground-influenced dissonant pop music is topped with a uniquely fragile voice, rapid streams of lyrical dexterity, and spidery guitar lines that would make Television’s Tom Verlaine approve.