Nina Hynes


Goldmine Transplant Records ***

For the past 10 years Irish singer Nina Hynes has not so much flirted with success as raised an eyebrow towards it. Currently domiciled in Berlin, where she is a noted figure in the city’s underground music scene, Hynes crowd-funded this album to the tune of some 10,000. The returns to her investor fans (some of whom are Irish musicians, you know) are clearly worth the trouble, for Goldmine is the singer’s best album since Staros in 2002. Making it a pleasure are the sonic subtleties that loop and weave and then connect across songs such as Tarnished, The Last Dance, Meme si les Monsters, Black Eagle, Over the Line and more. With an intuitive grasp of melody lines and the kind of quirky/free association techniques that Hynes excels at, Goldmine is as goldmine does.

Download:Over the Line, Meme si les Monsters