Nicolas Jaar


Space is Only NoiseCircus Company ****

A gifted, prolific producer who has been making soulful electronic music since he was 14, Nicolas Jaar clearly has a wild imagination when it comes to sonic adventures. Releases on labels Clown Sunset and Wolf+Lamb established his dancefloor credentials, but Space Is Only Noiseis a work of a much different stripe from this New York native with a Chilean background. Rich, deep, complex and atmospheric, this is organic, full-bodied soul music for daydreaming space cowboys, an album that time and time again demonstrates Jaar’s gumption, desire and ability when it comes to textures and sounds. What’s most intriguing is how Jaar amplifies and highlights the organic crackles between the notes, cranking up the heat on the ambient wash coating such tracks as Etre, I Got a Womanand the title number. A young gun who is only going to get better and bolder. See nicolas

Download tracks: Etre, I Got a Woman, Space Is Only Noise