Max Richter


Infra Fat Cat

In the brimming field of contemporary composers, Max Richter has always challenged both himself and his fans. From his early academic compositions to producing the reticent comeback of Vashti Bunyan, Richter has an affinity with space. What happens between the notes offers a minimal antidote to the lush melodies that make his work so affecting . Infrabegan as a commission for Britain’s Royal Ballet, comprising music for a string quintet, piano and ancillary electronics. Presented as a standalone score with additional tracks (inspired by the ballet’s take on TS Eliot’s T he Wastelandand with a nod to Schubert), it’s a brilliant, epic counterpoint. The track titles are variations on Journey or Infra, rendered into works that have as much power on their own as a cohesive soundtrack. Sublime. See max

Download tracks:Infra 6, Infra 7, Journey 2