Love Object: New Flesh review – Electroclash revivalists’ mysterious debut

Fri, Dec 3, 2021, 00:00


New Flesh

Love Object

Italians Do it Better


Electroclash is probably due some sort of revival by now. This poppy fusion of electronic genres, brought to a global audience by DJ Hell’s Munich-based label International Deejay Gigolos, reached its peak in the early to mid-noughties with the emergence of acts such as Miss Kittin, The Hacker, Tiga, Ladytron, Peaches and Fischerspooner. Electroclash frolicked with conventional indie-pop and rock’n’roll on the dancefloor of Erol Alkan’s London club night, and its pervasive influence has trickled down to inspire everyone from Lady Gaga to Goldfrapp.

Dasha Utochka and Danya Muu are Russian DJs who have united under the umbrella of Love Object. The vocals appear to be sung almost entirely in Russian while the song titles are presented in English, and they even play with the mere translation of their name. In Russian, Dasha and Danya’s project is called Object of Desire, but they choose to translate it as Love Object. This is apparently also an effort not be confused with another act on their label’s roster, Desire. (As it happens, Dasha is also a co-founder of Moscow-based erotic magazine Areola.)

New Flesh hurtles by in a flurry of catchy electro pop and mechanical, almost icy beats. It is heavy on the squelching, but contains enough melody for the duo to remain accessible to a wider congregation.

Russian techno has been lapped up for years via the highly successful Siberian-born artists Nina Kraviz and Anfisa Letyago, so it is interesting to hear something from the house and electro end of the spectrum that doesn’t descend into cheesy pastiche. Love Object bring a whiff of danger, mystery and glamour to the party.