Electric Cables Geographic ****

The soft hush of Teenage Fanclub’s bassist/songwriter, Gerard Love, is one of those reserved, always-pleasurable signature sounds in that realm of music we call indie-pop. Love may not be the first Teenage Fanclub member who springs to mind (that’d be Norman Blake) but he has been responsible for quite a few of their best, more recent songs. He brings the same level of quality and understatement to Lightships, a side project in thrall to B bands (Beach Boys/ Big Star/Beatles/ Badfinger) while simultaneously refashioning intelligent pop music for everyday use. For extra texture, high-five power pop and buzzsaw guitars are complemented by clarinet and flute (most usefully on The Warmth of the Sun). Overall though, this is just one big indie-pop joy from start (Two Lines) to finish (Sunlight to the Dawn). TONY CLAYTON-LEA

Download tracks: Two Lines, The Warmth of the Sun, Sweetness in her Spark