Diver True Panther Sounds***

Brooklyn-based San Franciscans Lemonade may be painfully hip, but that doesn’t mean that their music wallows in its own self-importance. Following the somewhat wacky psychedelia of their debut, Diver is a more focused album with a more solid objective: to make pop music. The trio succeed thrillingly on songs such as Neptune and Sinead, the latter recalling beats and melodies from such disparate sources as Vampire Weekend, Animal Collective and even Scritti Politti.

Elsewhere, their incursions into synthpop and minimalist electronica ( Eye Drops and Vivid) touch vaguely on dubstep acts such as Burial and Zomby. Callan Clendenin’s poppy vocals nicely round off both songs’ calculated, synthesised edges. Diver lacks any sort of original angle, but that doesn’t really matter with songs that plumb such enjoyable depths. lemonadeband.tumblr.com

Download tracks:Sinead; Neptune