Lee Ranaldo


Between the Times and the Tides Matador ****

What do you do when your band is on an “indefinite hiatus”? If you’re Lee Ranaldo, you simply put out another solo album. The guitarist, poet and artist’s ninth record away from Sonic Youth encompasses Rolling Stones rollicks (Waiting on a Dream), 1980s indiepop (Off the Wall, Lost), and moments reminiscent of early Wilco (Fire Island (Phases)), as well as guest appearances by the likes of Nels Cline and Jim O’Rourke. This a thoroughly enjoyable excursion into guitar rock, steeped in experience and creativity but with several carefully plucked breathers paced neatly throughout to temper the squalls and shuffles. Ranaldo may be no spring chicken, but with quality albums like this he can still show the kids a thing or two. leeranaldo.com


Download tracks: Off the Wall, Tomorrow Never Comes, Fire Island (Phases)