Laura Sheeran


What the World KnowsFlaming June Records ***

It’s easy-peasy to be wilfully and wantonly experimental; the world and its batty music-loving relatives know only too well that Virgin Records in the early 1970s led the way with the kind of musicians that, given free rein, would give small children nightmares just by looking at them sideways. Cue stage left Galway-born Dublin resident Laura Sheeran who has, following low-key releases (including last year’s Lust of Pig and Fresh Blood) and cult collaborations (notably with Fovea Hex), cut out a sizeable Virgin-referencing dash with What the World Knows. If you’re looking for formulaic indie whatever, then move along. If, however, you’re after something quite singular, special and spectral, gem-sized songs imbued with throbs of edge, grace and style – and engineered with no small level of attention to detail – then you’ll go for this in a big way.

Download tracks:What the World Knows, Hurricane, The Devil’s Tongue