Jodie Marie


MountainEcho Verve ***

A teenager from Wales with a big voice and a 1960s heart? Jodie Marie has had the inevitable Duffy comparisons, but she’s coming from a very different place – Laurel Canyon rather than Muscle Shoals – and working from a different stylistic template: more Bobbie Gentry than Dusty Springfield. But what will prove more difficult for Jodie Marie to shake off is the dreaded “Radio 2 artist” tag. Having the likes of Bernard Butler and Ed Harcourt on board has helped bring a soulful edge to such tunes as Numb and I Got You, and put a nice shade of melancholia on Greeney-Blue and the title track. Single Blank Canvas and On the Road set a nice, pastoral tone, but Dandelion Wishes slips into middle-of-the-meadow territory.

Download tracks:Single Blank Canvas, I Got You, On the Road