I am Kloot


Let It All In Shepherd Moon***

Friends in high places don’t really matter when you’re I Am Kloot. The trio’s connection with fellow Mancunians and album producers Guy Garvey and Craig Potter of Elbow has no bearing whatsoever on their understated indie-rock. This is both a good and a bad thing. The slow, meandering pace of songs such as the bluesy Bullets and the cosy, bumbling Shoeless allows John Bramwell’s copious lyrical gems space to breathe, but Let It All In generally lacks the sense of urgency needed to grab the listener by the lapels. The dramatic, string-dappled conclusions to Hold Back the Night and These Days Are Mine are laden with promise, but the fact remains that I Am Kloot have made another good album, not a great one. Iamkloot.com

Download:Hold Back the Night, These Days Are Mine