Hooded Fang


Tosta Mista Full Time Hobby ***

What separates Hooded Fang from any other 1960s-obsessed garage-rock hipster? There’s barely time to answer as the first release outside their native Canada snaps into shape and the seven songs, plus three noir- infused instrumentals, fizzle by in a compact 23 minutes. Despite the underlying break-up theme involving the end of singer Daniel Lee and bandmate April Aliermo’s relationship, Tosta Mista is served sunny side up. Awash with surf guitars and summery melodies, the strong opening salvo effortlessly references the teenage kicks of a bygone era. Teetering between retro and kitsch, Tosta Mista ends too soon and too mildly to leave a strong lasting impression, but as far as quick thrills go this ticks all the right boxes. Not a bad effort for what could be the best album named after a Portuguese toasted sandwich you’ll hear this year. hoodedfang.com


Download tracks: Clap, ESP, Tosta Mista