Graham Coxon


A&EParlophone ***

Strange but true: there are now more Graham Coxon solo albums than there are Blur albums. On his eighth studio release, the Blur guitarist desperately wanted not to sound “too Graham Coxony”, so he’s gone a bit more experimental while holding on to his lo-fi indie roots. With Coxon’s electro-flourishes and dissonant guitar sounds, A&E sounds at times like early Velvet Underground and later period Magazine – with a fair dose of Kraftwerk in there as well. The Truth packs a real sonic punch, while Knife in the Cast has a desolate beauty all of its own. Closing track Ooh Yeh Yeh sounds like a great, lost John Lennon song, and while A&E may not be all “easy listening”, it’s is an accomplished and complex effort. Give it time, though – Coxon covers a lot of ground.

Download tracks:City Hall, Ooh Yeh Yeh, The Truth