Goldie: ‘The Journey Man’ – Sharp return after 20 years away

Tue, Jun 20, 2017, 07:30


The Journey Man


Cooking Vinyl/Metalheadz


It is nearly 20 years since Goldie last put his name to a solo album and there have been some colourful detours since Saturnz Return landed. Coming after forays into acting, reality TV, art and the establishment via the MBE award, The Journey Man is a reminder that Goldie’s musical antennae are still finely tuned. There are examples of Goldie’s prowess when it comes to laser-guided drum ‘n’ bass precision in the shapely contours of Prism and I Adore You and the manner in which they roll and pounce. Away from the rattle of breakbeats, Goldie’s jazz leanings are also on show particularly in how Horizons works its hazy way around the houses or how José James brings a lovely vocal sheen to bear on Truth. It would probably have been better had Goldie edited this sprawling double-album into a taut and more coherent set of songs, but he’s unlikely to agree with that and it’s his name on the cover after all.