Gemma Hayes


Let It BreakSelf-released * * *

When you've had the sort of success that Gemma Hayes enjoyed early in her career, there's always a danger of peaking too early. Yet four albums in, the Tipperary woman's steady course shows no signs of derailing, although there's little deviation here from the folk/pop-rock sound she peddles so competently. Love songs such as the delicate Brittle Winterand nimble All I Needare capably handled, but they've simply been done too many times before. The Paul Noonan-aided Fire, which dabbles with glitches and ambient bleeps, is much more compelling, as is sumptuous standout To Be Beside You, a simple slow waltz that aches with yearning. Let It Breakis a perfectly acceptable offering that doesn't break new ground in any way - but perhaps it doesn't need to. See gemma

Download tracks: To Be Beside You, Fire