Gang Colours


The Keychain CollectionBrownswood ***

The work of Southampton producer Will Ozanne, The Keychain Collection strikes you on first listen as one of those albums happy to dwell in a woozy, downtempo world where electronica, dubstep, hip-hop and sundry off-the- main-grid genres share a table. But Ozanne isn’t one to stick with that plot. The Keychain Collection reels you in with subtle details, beautifully crafted soundscapes, wisps of unexpected textures (Ozanne knows his classical onions) and a vocal that hits emotional high points in a similar fashion to James Blake. While there are moments when Ozanne has a dancefloor head on him – see Botley in Bloom, for instance, for a lovely, wobbly bassline – it’s the tender dramas he produces on tracks such as Fancy Restaurant and Tissues & Fivers that are far more gripping.

Download tracks:Fancy Restaurant, Tissues & Fivers