Manifest! Lucky Number***

There’s charm aplenty on the debut album from Brooklyn’s Friends, a band who seek to mate twee indie-pop with punky-funky girl-group action to produce an ace sound. When they’re on form, Friends produce smart pop that is infectious, cheeky, cheerful and downright irresistible, with last year’s singles Friend Crush and the warmly coy I’m His Girl to the fore on this account.

The oomph on both tracks is helped by the fact that the band take their funk pointers from such pioneers as ESG and Tom Tom Club. Indeed, Home has more than a touch of the Scroggins sisters to its low-slung bassline. Had Friends concentrated on turning out more tunes like the aforementioned trio, though, we’d probably be talking about an album to really write home about, rather than one which doesn’t quite attain the anticipated levels of exuberance.

Download tracks:I’m His Girl, Friend Crush