Foreign Slippers


Farwell to the Old Ghosts Adventures in Gramaphone***

The touring connection with Belfast’s Duke Special is not a coincidence, as London-based Swedish native Gabi Froden shares with Peter Wilson a liking for the odder things in life. What sets Froden apart is that her world view is tempered with lovely Scandinavian melodies that reference both the cool folksiness of fellow countrywoman Nina Persson and the pop tradition of Abba.

Assisted by a motley crew of musicians (including Northern Ireland’s Iain Archer), Froden captures the essence of good, singular pop music in It All Starts Now, Avalanche, Island and What Are You Waiting For. If there’s a danger that Froden’s work is undermined by the occasional spooky nature of her material, doubts fly out the window when you’re presented with melodies that strengthen every time you hear them.

Download tracks:Avalanche, What Are You Waiting For, It All Starts Now