Anthology: Stay with Me, Warners/Rhino ***

It was formed out of the remains of Small Faces (bassist Ronnie Lane, keyboardist Ian McLagan, and drummer Kenney Jones) in 1969, and two new members from the Jeff Beck Group (singer Rod Stewart and guitarist Ronnie Wood). Faces may not have had the same impact of other 1970s British rock acts (typically The Rolling Stones and The Who), but their loose-legged, limbering and liquor-laden music sure knew how to deliver a good time. They were never a taut proposition in a live setting, so this anthology sets the studio work straight: Faces were a fine ’70s rock act that welded rough’n’ ready tunes onto a ragged, just- about stable surface. The result was often as much classic 1970s rock/pop (Stay with Me, Pool Hall Richard, Cindy Incidentally) as sweet balladry (Debris, Gasoline Alley).the-faces.com

Download: Stay with Me, Debris, Pool Hall Richard, Three Button Hand Me Down