Django Django


Django Django Because****

Django Django’s walk on the wild side was always going to lead to adventurous sounds. The band, formed at Edinburgh College of Art and now based in east London, are drawn to gloriously out-there music that breaks the rules. Their debut album exudes a fantastic air of unpredictability as they make free with their psychedelic art-pop shine. But whereas such freewheeling can sometimes indicate a triumph of style over substance, Django Django don’t spare the musical smarts as they give you one riotously unhinged pop nugget after another. On winners Zumm Zumm, Love’s Dart, Defaultand Storm,the band shape-shift and adapt the sounds to their melodic aim rather than being experimental for the sake of it. This is one of the year’s freshest, brightest and most inventive debuts.

Download tracks: Zumm Zumm, Love’s Dart, Default, Storm