Cody Chesnutt mixes pop stunners and poignancy

Tue, May 30, 2017, 07:30


My Love Divine Degree

Cody ChesnuTT

One Little Indian


Raw soulful truths and candid storytelling have been Cody Chesnutt’s stock-in-trade since the one-time Death Row songwriter and rock band frontman’s solo debut The Headphone Masterpiece landed back in 2002. While releases have been sporadic since then – this is just his third album to date – My Love Divine Degree reminds you of the Atlanta native’s verve and acumen when it comes to writing songs that suit a rich mix of sounds and styles.

He’s more than capable of writing a pop stunner, as I Stay Ready shows, but this album is more about a quest for positive living in difficult circumstances. In this regard, songs such as Bullets in the Streets and Blood and Africa the Future are protest songs addressing recent history and incidents with hope to push back the darkness.

Add in some sweet production tones from Kanye West and Common aide Anthony “Twilite Tone” Khan and you’ve an album of powerful, poignant relevance.