Bonobo - Migration album review: Moody sounds from home and away

BONOBOMigration ***Ninja Tune

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Artist: Bonobo
Genre: Electronic
Label: Ninja Tune

Dip into Simon Green’s back-catalogue and you will discover many gems. As Bonobo, the Brighton-born, LA-based producer has long shown a knack for minting warm, fuzzy, feel-mighty-fine grooves that shimmer and shine when matched with the right guest vocalist.

Album No 6 is similarly attired, with Green shaping melancholic and wistful moods using a wide and deep soundboard of electronic, world, jazz and soul sources. Vocalists such as Nicole Miglis (Hundred Waters), Nick Murphy (Chet Faker) and Michael Milosh (Rhye) apply the finishing touches. There are also contributions from Jon Hopkins (see the title track for how his soft piano work accentuates Green's moodswings) and Brooklyn-based Moroccan soul seekers Innov Gnawa (Bambro Koyo Ganda).

Apart from the underlying themes on the emotional punch of travel and home, the real thrills come from how Green carefully expands and amplifies his elegant sonic palette.